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We allow you to record your dictations 24x7x365 days a year. After you dictate, you can expect to receive a complete transcript done by one of our fully trained medical transcriptionists within 24 hours. We know that your time is valuable, so let us free some up for you!
Medical Transcription
Medico-Legal Transciption
Behavioral Transcription
General Transcription
Reasons to Outsource Your Transcription
Hiring and training expenses
Supervision and management expenses
Leaves and vaccation expenses
Payroll taxes
Office space expenses
Software and hardware cost
Security Infrastructure for HIPAA compliance
1. Having accurate transcripts is important for any business which depends on communication with patients or clients and for that you need a professionallt managed transcription company. This will help you in diverting your precious resources from in-house service to some other important tasks

2. A professional transcription company understands the imprtortance or Urgent/STAT/RUSH dictations. These files can be returned more quickly because a dedicated staff is allocated, who works hard on providing best accuracy.

3. By Outsourcing your transcription, you elimiate all you overhead expenses maintaining a staff, hardware and software cost etc.

4. There are numerous benefits of outsourcing transcription work including finincial
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Transcription Services

Fast & Accurate Transcriptions Services
Ace Networks provides a an end-to-end solution for all of your dictation and transcription requirements. With 15+ years of experience providing medical and general transcription services nationwide, you can entrust all of your critical documentation needs to us.
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