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Key Features of WEBCHARTMD Dictation System
WEBCHARTMD's Feature List Includes The Following
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WebChartMD is a web based dictation and transcription portal that allows our clients and their staff to process documents directly from their web account.
· HIPAA Compliance: All documents carry two different auditing controls which log in every document access.  Staff
can be assigned up to 16 different permission levels for document access and control, and all documents rest on servers
in a biometrically controlled environment at 256-bit encryption.
· EHR interfacing: Ace Networks’ web-based technology is designed to help physicians regain lost productivity through
an increased use of dictation in their workflow.  Our web-based technology integrates and compliments your EHR use
through an automated import of transcribed documents into the patient’s record within the EHR.
· Fully customizable call-in dictation system: Physicians get used to a certain call-in dictation workflow, and the
Ace Networks system can completely mimic your current phone system’s workflow and keypad entries - all the way
down to retaining the physician’s current ID.
· Smartphone dictation: Physicians can use their iPhone or Android smartphones to dictate patient notes wherever
and whenever, with encrypted file transfer into the workflow.
· Off-site Scribe capability: Reduce cost of on-site / in-room Scribes by using Ace Networks’ off-site Scribe
capabilities.  Our Scribes can document the patient encounter via a real-time connection to the exam room, or via batch
transmissions of completed patient documentation throughout the day.

· View Only: Allows read-only access to documents.

· Combined Open: Allows MTs or clients to highlight individual or batches of  documents and combine all into one
continuous document.  Perfect for clients with sticky paper.

· Online document review and editing: Edit and process patient notes through our online application, which
provides anytime/anywhere document access in a HIPAA compliant environment.  WebChartMD’s unique asynchronous
document editing capability means users can open as many documents as they wish  from the website, make  changes 
as needed and save all documents back to their online  account.

· E-sign and countersign: Attending physicians can e-sign their own documents and countersign the e-signed
documents of residents or other associated care providers.

· Download: This feature allow users to download single or batches of documents to a local  computer and specified file

· Fax / Autofax. WebChart’s sophisticated faxing system allows  for manual or auto- faxing of single  or multiple
document  Autofax on a variety of triggers at both the sending (i.e. by provider) or receiving (i.e. referring or recipient
physician) levels, including: autofax upon  arrival to Inbox; upon  being  finalized; or, upon  being  e-signed.

· Print / Autoprint:  Print  envelopes & copies.    Allows  users to highlight  rows in  their inbox, and  #10 envelopes
and recipient copies  for all cc’d recipients will  automatically print to specific printers/trays.

· Electronic CC Review: This feature allows  courtesy copies  to be sent electronically between providers within the
same  health system rather than via fax or mail.

· Document archiving: 100% of all transcribed notes are archived and searchable on-line, 24/7, regardless of when
they were transcribed.  Document archiving insures continuity of care in the event of EHR downtime.

· Manage multiple locations:   With this feature, staff view  of documents is segregated to their respective locations
while  physician sees documents for all locations.

· Search / Sort:  Documents are never removed from your clients’ online  accounts, so they have  the ability to always 
access all documents you’ve ever transcribed.
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