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About Ace Networks - New Delhi
Sandrine, Office Manager
Sandrine is responsible for managing the ACE Office. She is the first point of contact with customers, generates and uses
reports to monitor progress, and makes sure that transcriptions are delivered on time. Sandrine is a specialist in data
Staff at our U.S. office are trained to setup and train new facility Managers and their Staff.  Reports are reviewed on a daily
basis to improve quality. Prompt feedback to facility managers are provided to strive for the best outcome.

Tajinder Singh, Senior Office Manager - Quality and Performance
Tajinder is responsible for the day-to-day performance of Ace Networks Inc. staff in India.  He has been working with Ace for the past 9 years, and supervising the office from past 3 years.  He is responsible for solving any transcription related problems emerging and working together with the staff for a better outcome.  He keeps a close track for accuracy, generates reports, and quickly identifies and solves any problems that may arise.
Ajit is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Ace Networks Inc. India.  He has an extensive experience in customer service, systems management, and has been supervising our medical transcriptionists for the past 12 years.  His ability to pin point problems and solve them in a timely manner help us keep abreast of our customers’ needs.
Ajit Pal Singh Kapoor, Head Operations
Ace Networks Inc.
1311 S. Anaheim Blvd.
Anaheim, CA 92805-6202

Email: helpdesk@acedictation.com
Phone: 714-916-2462

Dr Hitesh Patel, MD President and CEO
Dr. Patel was the President and Medical director of the US Navy's El Toro Marine Base Clinic in California. He specializes in family medicine and continues his practice. Dr. Patel has extensive knowledge of the needs of physicians in the US. He is keenly interested in bringing state-of-the-art data management technology to the medical field. It is in this endeavor that he established ACE NETWORKS INC. as a first-rate ultra-modern high security, high accuracy, easy access medical transcription system.
Greg Hong, Chief Operations Manager
Greg Hong is responsible for managing Customer Service, Quality Control, Sales, Marketing, and Training. His goal is to provide high-quality, personalized service to each client. To supplement his inter-personal strengths, he has a degree in accounting, and is well versed in computer systems.  His motto: "You, the customer, come first."
About Ace Networks - United States

Dr. A. K. Gulati, M.D., Director
Dr. Gulati is responsible for Ace Networks Inc. transcription staff in India. He holds a medical degree and is a practicing physician specializing in Pediatrics. Dr. Gulati's professional knowledge of medical terminology is a great asset in ensuring that transcriptions are accurate. He makes sure that only the most capable, highly trained staff are employed at Ace Networks.
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